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Aéroports de Paris produces and/or distributes the different forms of energy required by the companies located on-site.



Aéroports de Paris is responsible for distributing high-performance electric energy produced by EDF.

  • At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, 253 GWh of electricity are produced.
  • At Paris-Orly, 120 GWh of electricity are produced.



To heat buildings, a central power plant supplies superheated water (190°C or 105°C) on a year-round basis, via a dedicated distribution system, to freight companies, hotels, airlines and other businesses.

  • At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, 349 GWh of thermal energy is produced, 55% to meet the needs of Aéroports de Paris and 45% for on-site clients.
  • At Paris-Orly, 198 Gwh of thermal energy is produced, 50% of which is reserved for external clients.
  • At le Bourget, 24 GWh of thermal energy is produced, 7% for Aéroports de Paris and 93% for third parties.


Cold water

For air conditioning and certain business operations (restaurants, printers, computer rooms, etc.) Aéroports de Paris supplies cold water (5°C) to its clients, via a network of conduit galleries.


Service quality

The energy supplied by Aéroports de Paris ensures :

  • - A single provider for all energy needs,
  • - A complete range of services, bringing together operations and maintenance,
  • - Total safety with dedicated teams available on-site, 24/7.