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Passengers travelling with a baby

Baby's passport
Baby changing stations
Borrow a pushchair
Baby on board

Baby's passport

Your baby must comply with the same rules as you do: if the country you are travelling to requires a passport and visa, your baby must have them too.

Baby changing stations

Baby care areas to suit your needs are available at
Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport to change your baby. These areas are equipped with changing tables, protection paper roll dispenser and children's toilets in a friendly, colourful setting suitable for changing your baby's nappy.

Location of the baby care areas

The baby changing stations are available in all toilet facilities at our airports, both landside and airside, on the departures and arrivals levels.


Borrow a pushchair


A free baby pushchair loan service is available in Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and in Terminal South at Paris-Orly. 

In Terminal 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Located immediately after the security checkpoint, two self-service pushchair stations allow you to take your baby comfortably all the way to the boarding gate after you've checked in your own pushchair with your luggage.

In Terminal South (hall A) at Paris-Orly
The pushchair station is located immediately after the security checkpoint opening onto hall A, downstairs to the left of the escalator. It only operates during the school holidays.

Baby on board

Baby's comfort

Your baby may travel on short-haul flights the from of age one week, and from the age of three weeks for long-haul flights. Below are a few recommendations to make the trip as pleasant as possible for both you and the baby:

- In the cabin, the air is dry and pressurised; carry a small bottle of sweetened water with you to make your baby drink regularly. In addition, swallowing helps babies reduce the effects of pressure changes on their delicate inner ears.
- Take-off and landing can be very stressful times for a small child… Reassure your baby by breast-feeding or with a dummy.
- Remember to pack baby's favourite toys and stuffed animals to keep him or her busy during the flight and avoid tears…
- To feel comfortable, baby must be clean… Bring enough nappies and baby wipes to last throughout the flight.

Baby's luggage

Your child is also entitled to one item of hand luggage. You may therefore carry on board with you a baby bag as well as your own hand luggage. Powdered milk is authorized in the cabin, and the flight attendants will be happy to supply water to prepare your bottles during the flight. 

Exception to the regulations on the transport of liquids

You may carry on board with you the food and medicines your baby requires: milk bottles, jars of baby food, aspirin and other non-prescription medicines in liquid form for children.
Important : you may be asked to taste these products by the security officers so we recommend placing them in resealable containers. 
Liquid care products (e.g. baby lotion) are subject to regulations. These items must be in 100ml containers placed together in a transparent plastic bag (20 cm by 20 cm).

Regarding baby seats and pushchairs, you must ask your airline. As a general rule, you should notify your airline if you are travelling with a baby.