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Drop-off car parks at Paris-Charles de Gaulle

visu Accéder à Paris-Charles de Gaulle
The drop-off car parks at Paris-Charles de Gaulle are located as closely as possible to the departures and arrivals terminals (no parking is permitted outside terminals). We recommand that drivers use these facilities for parking periods of up to 1 hour.
The car parks concerned are the open-air car parks adjoining Terminals 1, 2A, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G and 3.

Finding our drop-off car parks     

All drop-off car parks are adjoining terminals, so that walking times are approximately 1 minute (on average).

Car rates applicable from January 2, 2014 (excepted for terminals 2E and 2F)

Drop-off points are for momentary stopping to leave people at the airport or to pick them up. If you would instead like to park your car, use one of the terminal car parks.

Duration Prices in €
0 to 10 min free
11 min €1
each more minute +€0.50
1h00 €25.50
each more minute +€0.50
2h00 €55.50
each more minute +€0.50
3h29 to 24h €100
per day +€100

No discount on motorcycle fares for person with reduced mobility

Payment methods

At the automatic payment machines, payment may be made in cash or by bank card (including AMEX and TOTAL GR). Payment may also be made at the exit barrier using a bank card (including AMEX and TOTAL GR). Receipts for all payments are issued automatically.

We do not accept :
- cheque payments
- €100, €200 and €500 banknotes
- €50 banknotes for amounts due below €20.

Persons with reduced mobility

If the vehicle you are travelling in carries a French disabled ID card (GIG/GIC), you may use the secure and specially-equipped parking spaces provided at the following points :

  • Terminal 1, exit 22
  • Terminal 2A, exit 4
  • Terminal 2C, exit 4
  • Terminal 2D, exit 5
  • Terminal 2E, exit 2.08
  • Terminal 2F, exit 2.13
  • Terminal 3, in front of the departures hall


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