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Environmental Responsibility

Aéroports de Paris makes a commitment to the environment

In line with its values and conscious of its responsibilities as a major player in the expansion and development of the Paris Region, The Aéroports de Paris Group seeks to serve as an example and to be ambitious in preserving the environment.
This decision is based on the ISO 14001 certification approach undertaken for its airport facilities, a move that stresses the Group's commitment to sustainable development.
This approach makes allowance for the Group's responsibility to society and the way it is implemented takes a part in the economic logic of the Group's strategic plan. The reality of our policy is based on the every day commitment made by all of our units and all of our staff members.
Every one of them works to put this policy into practice, paying attention to the spirit and the letter of the commitment, while showing respect for those who surround us and for the regulatory context of the field in which we operate.

The Aéroports de Paris Group's four principles

- Systematically integrating the environment into our activities,
- Acting like a responsible player,
- Acting preventively,
- Promoting our values and spreading best practices..

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