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Lawyer - Commercial Law



You will be responsible for providing any advice on company law, commercial law and new technologies to the divisions of the company and its subsidiaries. You will draft deeds and contracts for this purpose.


You will hold a DESS in Private Law. Apart from a perfect knowledge of company law and public law and experience of drafting international contracts, you will have a very good understanding of legal English, both spoken and written.


At least 5 years of similar experience.

Bertrand, Lawyer

"One job but all aspects of the law"

You are a lawyer for Aéroports de Paris. What does your job involve?
I handle disputes, in other words any legal actions instigated against Aéroports de Paris. This involves matters which have been submitted for decision by a judge or court in addition to matters at a so-called "pre-litigation" stage, when an attempt at an amicable solution is sought.
My remit covers a very broad area, for example, criminal law, company law, competition law, construction law, labour law etc, which is where the richness of this job lies.
In practice, we advise the operational departments when they sense that proceedings against Aéroports de Paris are possible and, if such a case is actually brought before a judge, which is frequently the case, we instruct an advocate and provide the interface between the operational services, the advocates and the courts. In some cases, we do not call upon the services of an advocate, but this is becoming increasingly rare.
We follow the cases from start to finish, in other words from the pre-litigation stage to when the decisions in law are finally executed.

You were trained as an advocate. What made you choose Aéroports de Paris?
I quickly realised that I did not want to be an advocate. I then replied to a job advert for Aéroports de Paris, which was looking for a lawyer. What attracted me was the variety of the fields covered which, although I suspected this even before joining the company - since Aéroports de Paris covers such a wide range of activities, was much more than I had hoped for. Also, having knowledge of Aéroports de Paris through coverage of certain items in the press, I knew that any cases to be handled would be significant and challenging.

 What qualities does your job require?
Firstly, you must be determined with regard to third parties because you are there to protect the interests of Aéroports de Paris over issues that are sometimes difficult. On the other hand, you need to be objective and say whether what has been done is right or not, all whilst remaining diplomatic!
Lastly, it is a job that requires a great deal of open-mindedness. Indeed, in handling so many different cases, one has to deal with many different people (architects, engineers, operators etc.).

 If you had your time again …?
Yes, without doubt I would make the same choice. After all, I am still here! Previously, I would never stay more than 11 months in a given post but I have now been at Aéroports de Paris for three and half years, which is a record!
I would recommend this career choice but not for everyone. It needs a certain mind set. The hierarchy might seem rather daunting but that is because very important decisions are being made at a high level. I feel that, in my case, I have been given quite a lot of autonomy. It is also important to retain a certain humility about one's position and to realise that not everyone has years of law behind them, not to look down on people and to be able to explain things clearly.