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The operations of the Aéroports de Paris Group


They include all of the operations carried out by Aéroports de Paris as airport manager. With respect to the circulation of passenger and cargo, it currently:

  • designs and organises the construction of airport infrastructure and access to them.
  • provides airline infrastructure, facilities and the space needed for passengers. It also provides them with services such as telecommunications, energy, and fluid or waste treatment.
  • decides on implementation and provides the location of lease spaces for market services, including shops, bars and restaurants.
  • welcomes, informs and facilitates the journey of passengers and provides them with services designed to improve their comfort (automobile parking, hotels, telecommunications).
  • implements, under the control of the State, measures of aviation security.
and services

They include all business activities, such as shops, bars and restaurants, parking, car rental companies, banks and exchange offices, and rentals in terminals, as well as the activities of joint ventures for commercial distribution in airports (Société de Distribution Aéroportuaire, Duty Free Paris and Relay@ADP) and advertising (Aéroports de Paris Media).

In a constant effort to improve customer satisfaction, Aéroports de Paris has also developed a comprehensive range of services, particularly in terms of passenger information, hospitality and comfort, guidance and the fluidity of the passenger journey in the terminals.

Real estate

The company operates the land that it owns around the airports. This activity includes all real estate products and services provided by the Group excluding property rentals made within the terminals and on the aviation areas.

The real estate business is a strategic development axis and a major growth component for the Group. There are 2 types of complementary real estate activities:

  • airport property, which includes land or buildings for any activity in the airport or that requires direct access to the runways (aircraft maintenance hangars, cargo terminals at the first edge or industrial areas).
  • real estate diversification, which includes land or buildings that do not require direct access to the runways (offices, hotels, shops, and business and logistic locations).
Other operations

The other activities segment covers all activities carried out by Aéroports de Paris subsidiaries, which operate in areas as varied as security services, airport management or design, or telephony.

Airport Investment

This activity encompasses all shareholdings foreign airports :
- Schiphol,
- TAV Airports,
- and all ADPM's stakeholdings